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Life in a cafe/ going out for coffee

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Belgraders do a lot of things - alongside coffee! The social, familial and business life of most citizens revolves around a cup of this black potion. Going on a date, a short breather with a colleague from work, an accidental interaction which ends with a multi-hour conversation or a standard gossip session with the friends - all implies sitting down for coffee.

Moments of relaxation and enjoyment of espresso ( Lungo or extended espresso are popular), macchiato, latte, mocha or normal coffee are had by teenagers, pensioners, young mothers and proud owners of small designer dogs. Truth be told, its not actually about the moments, rather its about slowly sipping coffee. Serbs enjoy the little things about coffee (we have a word for it "Merak"), unlike Italians. And sometimes, coffee drinking takes so long that, by the time they finish - its time for another cup. That is why cafés in Belgrade are full even in the middle of the week, and why curious visitors often ask themselves - does anyone actually work in this city? 


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